Hello, I'm Noah

I develop open source Web Apps and Software

About Me

I'm a programmer who loves to play games. Dreaming of being a BZFlag developer and creator of BZList. Also cats are the best thing in the world ᓚᘏᗢ


For a full list view my GitHub repositories.


Socket.io + React = (kind of) real-time server stats for BZFlag.

Web App React Socket.io Full Stack

Static Site Generator

Generates an optimized static website.

Node.js JavaScript

BZFlag Server Plugins

List of BZFlag server plugins.


BZFlag Servers Bot

A simple Discord bot to get a list of servers currently with players.

Discord Bot Node.js JavaScript

Deno Discord Bot

A simple Discord bot created using Deno.

Discord Bot Deno JavaScript TypeScript

Currency Converter

Simple currency converter website.

Website Web App JavaScript


Turns JSON files into a simple API.

Discord Bot Deno JavaScript TypeScript

Shoe Store

Shoe store website design.

Website JavaScript


Simple online breakout game.

Website JavaScript Game

Password Generator

Simple password generator made for #7Days7Websites.

Web App JavaScript #7Days7Websites

Sector's Edge Tournament

Sector's Edge tournament information and teams. Made for #7Days7Websites.

Website #7Days7Websites

Modern Signup Page

Modern signup page made for #7Days7Websites.

Website #7Days7Websites


Gallery created for #7Days7Websites.

Website #7Days7Websites


Lightweight start page. Created for #7Days7Websites.

Web App JavaScript #7Days7Websites

Web Piano

Simple web piano created for #7Days7Websites.

Web App JavaScript #7Days7Websites

Password Strength

Simple password strength meter.

Web App JavaScript


A simple desktop app for converting different measurements to others.

Desktop App C#

Subscribers Box

A simple WPF .NET Core app to show the number of subscribers for a YouTube channel.

Desktop App C#


JavaScript version of bzfquery.

Library TypeScript Deno

BZFlag Launcher

🚀 Simple launcher for BZFlag which can handle a custom URI scheme.

Desktop App C#

A Nice Bot

Say hello, to A Nice Bot 🤖. Created to learn Node.js and the Discord API, this bot is a general purpose bot to play around with and have fun 🦄, while at the same time providing many features such as server management 🖥.

Discord Bot Node.js JavaScript


Simple OpenGL program written in C#.

Desktop App C#